Thursday, 1 April 2010


there has been so many things on my mind lately, and it seems to hit me in the face when i least expect it.

a little update on my life:
i have been keeping my grades up :) which excites me SO much.
tyler & i have been dating for one year and almost a month now.
for our one year he made me dinner (candlelight!), took me out, went to the park,
and then asked me to prom on a cupcake. it was probably the best ever.
i have also gone up on my books i promised i would read before the year is out, i'm up to seven. my mom is shredding through books though, you should check out her new blog for book reviews!:
it's sure to give you some good books! i know i've picked up some good ones from her.
i love my mommy.

anyway a few thoughts i'd like to share as well:
my brother jantzen is growing up. he's 13, in sixth grade, DATING A GIRL, (i'm pretty sure i didn't even like boys in 6th grade, they had cooties until about 8th. all i loved was my shin guards and soccer ball.) AND he's learning the meaning of discipline and learning what growing up means. he's the sweetest kid you'll ever meet, but there's always that barrier you'll blow down from child to teenager, and i believe we all hit it at some point and then slowly come back to who we really are.

dang you teenage years! poop.

another thing, i want to thank my parents for the sit-down talks we had about my behavior, the interest they had in my life, and they way they just wanted to see how i was doing mentally, physically, and spiritually. although we may not think it, parents really do have the best interest at heart. all they wanna do is make your life right in the ways theirs went wrong. i can remember many, many nights of sitting on that leather couch looking up at my mom going on about my attitude and my behavior thinking in my head when will this be over, i know what i did wrong, blah blah, blah THIS WOMAN! but now looking back, i'm so glad she talked to me. i've learned so much and she'll tell you the same. we've taught each other so much and i'm sure we'll all learn even more in the days to come. turning 18 this year is going to be scary, this time next year i'll be graduating with the class of 2011. and kissing my parents goodbye and shaking hands with college. it's gone by so fast. life is def not what it looked like in movies when i was a kid. highschool isn't as easy as it seems, and problems can't be solved in 30 minutes like it is on tv. but there is a way to make it out alive, but it's going to be tough. but the reason i'm going to make it is because of the support and love from my parents. they are the ones that are going to be there in 10 years no the kid in my math class, not the kid who sat with me at lunch, not the girl i wish would quit talking, or the guy i wish i could talk to. my parents are always there. for life. it's an on going friendship that will continue forever. and i hope that one day, i can come to them as a parent and ask them for help with my kids. they truly are the best, and i thank you both. i love you.

i got sick a couple of weeks ago thanks to little brother! but all is well now, and they throw up is out of our house. woo.

the temperature lately has been stupendous. i'm lovin' the 80's and 70 degree weather.

is there a way to successfully sneeze and keep your eyes open? i've tried like three times today and epically failed. if anyone knows how, lemme know!

well now that i've pretty much rambled your eyes off, i think i shall finish up my homework, maybe skype a little and then off to bed! thank you for reading...if you are.