Monday, 7 January 2013

the things i hated

every single time you ate peanut butter, you would put it on me or try and kiss me right after. you always wore 20 different shades of grey, not the book, but actual color. when we would go into a dark room you always hid and would make scary noises to make me start crying. you would chase me around the house screaming and yelling until i couldn't run anymore. driving me off the road was one of your favorite things. your stupid spit balls you threaten me with. your disgusting car with mcdonald's wrappers, endless sonic receipts, and disgusting shin guard smell 24/7. your room was always, always a pit. cleaning up after you was like cleaning up after a 7 year old child. you always said you hated where you were at in life, which i always thought you meant with me. there was never a day that went by where i would go somewhere and think of you, and say maybe he would like me to bring him home something. i don't think you ever did that. a guy would hit on me, and you would literally just watch. i took care of your dog & never got a thank you. you always wore those stupid Hawaiin shirts and looked like an actual idiot. you drove like a crazy person and would never ever let me feel ugly. even if i begged and knew i looked ugly. you never let me use my coupon book you made me for free cherry limeades and free time with you. and you know what is truly sad? i loved all of those things just as much as i loved the most amazing things about you. want to know what else? i'm over you.