Thursday, 30 December 2010


obviously i didn't do that photo thing.
but december didn't turn out to be the month i expected. whatever.

i'd like to share my feelings though.

it's weird how one event can make you into such a baby.
i never cry. ever. atleast i don't in front of other
human beings. ask anyone who knows me. they probably
haven't seen me cry. which is stupid, right? well.
ever since my papa died everything anything remotely
emotional has made me cry. and i don't know. i'm glad to
know i do have some tear ducts finally working in public.
but at the same time i feel weak. and i think i'm the only
one. but that's okay with me. i think.

i have a project in mind. but i'm not sure how it's all going
to plan out. i need to tell someone about it. but i haven't
thought of the right person yet. there is plenty of people that
i will ask to be involved, but the person i share the idea with
and that becomes the person that helps me the most with it i haven't
quite figure out. i need a pen and paper.

i don't really care what anyone ever thinks. and sometimes that's not the point.
sometimes the point is, being different is okay. being different. not caring what
people think is good, but it's also not the mind set you should have. at least in
my opinion. but that's really been on my mind lately.

december has been one heck of a month. and mainly on the down side. not like everyday
sucked, but that there was a few major things that made me think, "in april when i look back i'll only remember these things."

i'm ready for january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december. and a year from now look back and not regret one thing, and that's my new years resolution.
bring on 2011.

Monday, 29 November 2010

day 1.

SO. as i was thinking about this picture, i was like man. i need to clean my room first. but then i was like. hm. the people need to see my room on a typical day. and
yes friends, this is how it is. ALL THE TIME. i'm not a neat-freak, nor do i care that you see my room this way.
i LOVE my room. as you all probably already know from my mom's blog it was a surprise paint job! they did it for my birthday last year. and my favorite part of my room is my beds and the birds on my wall. they are right behind me in the picture. hardly visible, but you kinda get the picture!

i am still adding to my picture wall, just haven't had time or money to print off more pictures. my friends made my own self, and on top of my tv is my papa's hat which is what you see in the picture below:

i also thought i'd take a picture of my pretty CLEAN bathroom. i hate when my bathroom is dirty, so normally this part of my room stays clean! i love to color, so that's typically what the white pictures are hanging in my room. the one in this picture is ariel out of my giant coloring book i got for my birthday. i spend a lot of time in my room, and i don't think i could ask for a better one! except maybe a bigger closet.... :]

Saturday, 27 November 2010

photo project

so my friend caitlyn introduced me to this photo project & i love taking pictures so, this sounded fun! I WILL BE DOING THIS! i can't wait to start. i plan to start monday, therefore starting out the week. i'm super excited! feel free to join us!!!!
here's the list of all 35 days:

1.) a picture of you in your room
2.) a picture of you posing with a someone you look up to
3.) a picture with a former crush
4.) a picture from when you were really happy
5.) a picture with a parent or two
6.) a picture of you on your birthday
7.) a picture of you from your younger years
8.) a picture of you in one of your favorite outfits
9.) a picture of you making a goofy face at the camera
10.) a picture you may have edited to improve your look
11.) a picture of your someone special
12.) a picture from a night you will never forget
13.) a picture of you showing off a new haircut (even if its an old haircut:P)
14.) a picture of you truly being yourself
15.) a picture of you most recently
16.) a picture of you being absolutely ridiculous
17.) a picture of you at your favorite restaurant
18.) a picture of you from a time in your life that’s over, but you wish it wasn’t
19.) a picture of a time in your life that’s over, and you couldn’t be more thankful that it is
20.) a picture with your favorite doll
21.) a picture you had no idea was being taken
22.) a picture of you doing what you love most
23.) a picture of you when you were a different person than you are now
24.) a picture of you in a fashion “don’t”
25.) a picture of you in a swimsuit – whether you love it or loathe it
26.) a picture of your recent head shot
27.) a picture of you with someone you love
28.) a picture of how you’d like the world to see you
29.) a picture that describes how you’d like to spend every day
30.) a picture of a time when everything was changing
31.) a picture that makes your heart hurt
32.) a picture that makes your heart smile
33.) a picture of one of the best times of your life
34.) a picture of you and your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife
35.) a picture you really like of yourself

Thursday, 25 November 2010

long live

highschool can cause for mean girls, bad hair days, miss communication, broken hearts, and stupid decisions.
high school is about the moment. one moment your in your boyfriends passenger seat looking at him while he's driving and think, "please don't leave."
another your sitting in the counselor's office enrolling for college classes.
next your at lunch listening to everyone laugh and the mumbles of everyone talk, and you can't help but try and listen to one conversation. (don't try it, it's too hard).
then you look around and some girl across the room whispers to her friend, and you know it's about you. shake it off and move on.
for most it's about fitting in and conforming. for others it's about getting that athletic scholarship. and for little, it's about making those lasting friends. the ones you will have for the rest of your life. thank god for mine.
high school is that stepping stone in this roller coaster ride we call life.
and one day, my generation will step up and lead this country, and one day our generation will look back on our high school years & think, man i wish i could have done this, or i wish i would've known. but we don't. and for now,
i think i'm okay with that.

to the class of 2011, i've had the time of my life. let's finish this last year strong.
& for all you mean girls out there. someday i'll be livin' in a big 'ol city and all you're ever gonna be is mean.
grow up & move on.

that's what's on my mind lately.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

young girls will dream about the boys of fall.

our football team has made it to the semi-finals.
holy cow.

we're the 4 OHS football team to make it this far in owasso football history.
that's amazing. our boys have worked so hard this season. and still haven't
stopped. we're even practicing on thanksgiving. that's dedication.
we've won and we've lost, but our boys never got down. we keep our heads up.
the trainers, managers, coaches and players have all made it to the semi-finals.

and we're not going down without a fight!

go OHS!

Monday, 1 November 2010

this ain't a fairy tale.

so these are the days people told me about.

stay young as long as possible. you can wait to grow up.
you're gonna miss this. slow down.

i cannot even believe half of my senior year is over.
i'm looking at colleges. i'm looking at scholarships.
i'm picking the rest of my life. i'm being responsible.
i'm growing up.

i'm not that little girl anymore that daddy put in her big girl bed.
i'm not that little girl who sat in the back seat and made faces at
my mommy in the mirror.
i'm not the little girl who cried over scraped knees and losing soccer games.
i'm not that little girl who played dress up and called daddy in the middle
of the night to come get me.
i'm not the little girl who wore my moms shoes around the house with daddy's shirt.
the little girl who finally learned her left and right, right and wrong.
the little girl with no care in the world except knowing every word to her NSYNC cds.

i'm now the big girl applying for jobs.
the big girl in the drivers seat instead of mommy.
the big girl wishing this was a fairy tale & that i'll always be with my mommy and daddy in our castle.
i'm the big girl staying out late & daddy waiting up.
i'm the big girl crying over boys & friends.
i'm the big girl trying to make the right decisions that will benefit my future.
the girl with every care in the world about her future.

and i hope one day, i can look back and say, hey. i did it.

what i always know though, my daddy will always be there for me in the middle of the night.
my mommy will always be there on the other end of the phone. always there to make me smile.

i'm not a princess and this ain't a fairytale, but i'm my mommy's world and a daddy's girl. & with them, & my jesus. i can do anything.

thank you daddy and mommy.

Friday, 15 October 2010


praying for my mommy in surgery right now.


Sunday, 19 September 2010


i believe in see you soon. not goodbye.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

yes, i know.

i haven't posted in forever. but i've been a VERY busy person.
senior year, football, and sleep. basically those three things
have consumed my life. my classes seem easy enough for a lazy
senior like me. plus my birthday is coming up. so i'm kind of
stoked. tomorrow is the JOHN MAYER concert + dinner with my
daddy. i'm so exited. but basically. i don't have that much
to say. sorry i'm so boring.


Friday, 13 August 2010


so i'm taking tyler's senior pictures. i'm not quite finished shooting, but i picked my favorite.

here's a look:

Thursday, 5 August 2010


shelby eaton.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


thank you jesus for miley! she's my penpal & a great listener!

go check her out:

she's awesome.

i'm too tired to write anything. good night kids.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

fanny pack

i woke up. i went downstairs. did laundry. ate cereal. prayed. left. swam. YAY.
i went to aj's to swim. for like 3 hours. i'm kind of burnt. oh well. then we went
to dinner. it was nice. i love her.

CPR in the AM. which will probably not be any fun at all.
all we have to do is test. which means one dummy. and about 12 rescue breaths, and 45 reps to the chest. sweet.
then lunch date with angelea.
i'm so excited. it's been 8 days. which seems like 3 years.
PLUS, we get rylee. which means an extra good day. i'm excited.

anyway. jesus is so good. i can't wait for the things to come.
i think senior year is going to be great.

blah, blah, blah.


Friday, 16 July 2010

heart with wings Pictures, Images and Photos

so today was a good day.
i went and saw despicable me. it was great. i thought it was going to be stupid. but it was actually really good.

i came home and pretty much rested.
and i started to feel bad. i haven't done anything around the house it feels like. but then i feel like our house has been clean. literally. if someone came over spur of the minute, it would be totally cool. my rooms clean and the living room is clean. i don't know. maybe that's me. i've done laundry once this week. which is way off from my normal 'quota'. but i hope my parents know that i don't mind doing chores. not that i'm asking to. but that i won't complain when asked to do them. i don't know why i feel bad. hm.

i have a wedding to attend tomorrow. it's outside. it's hot outside. yeah.

i'm not sure what else to say. so goodbye, bloggers.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

bring on the rain.

so on the past shopping trip with my mommy i got four new dresses.
it was quite lovely. all under 20$ except one! good deal!

so, today started out very lazy. i stayed in bed. then got some laundry done
and then took another shower then back to bed, it was awesome.

then i went over to tyler's house to check on his kitties and do some stuff
around the house. it was fun. i suppose haha. it was weird being in their house without them in it.
BUT then it started pouring down rain and lightning and thunder. and in a house alone...
that's creepy. so i left haha.
his kitties were excited to see me, or maybe just excited to see a person after a few days.

so i've been thinking lately. (and yes mom, i know you'll be reading this so it'll be the first time you see it or hear me talking about it. let me know what you think!)
is it too much for my age to have the boyfriend's family and the girlfriends family like have dinner or do things together? or is that weird?

so jesus is awesome. and it's making me love my life so much, he's touching friends lives and it's been a great experience witnessing it. i love when jesus does things for people. and i get to be apart of it.

so it's storming really bad. i think maybe i should get off the computer so i don't get struck by lightning.

goodbye everyone.

ps. prayer request: i've been praying about senior year. i'm kind of scared for it. thanks guys,

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


i loved today.

i spent it with my mommy. we went to lunch and shopped. which was very successful.

thanks mommy.


Monday, 12 July 2010


i don't really have that much to say today. i pretty much spilled my guts the last two.

i applied for a job today. and i also got my rylee today. i love her.

tyler should almost be to florida by now. without me. i don't think he ever reads my blog, oh well. hmph.

i want a bowl of cereal. i think being a food critic would be fun.

so today i was supposed to meet up with a girlfriend for lunch. but she pulled a muscle during twirling practice so i couldn't see her. and it made me sad. i was looking forward to some girl time while my man is gone.

the bike ride was postponed until tomorrow. so i get to bike in the humid heat. joy. 40 long miles.
i'm secretly excited.

i'm so boring. goodbye.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

what in the world.

i think i have too much on my mind. and yes, i realize i'm a teenager so these kinds of things happen. but honestly, my brain hurts from so much thinking and not so much writing. maybe i should do this everyday... i'll give it some thought. anyway.

i think sometimes i try and take on things way beyond my maturity level & that probably adds to the stress of my life. i also know that relationships are a huge part of this time in my life. highschool, highschool, highschool. curse you. i think that boys are a rare species only here to confuse and irritate the female species but at the same time, also make us fall madly and deeply in love with their flaws, highs and lows, and even that shirt that you absolutely hate that he wears you love it, because he wears it. have you ever said something that you meant something different? like, "i'm fine, just don't talk to me right now."? just because you want them to be say something so radical it takes your heart and makes it float all the way to your brain? going out places with this person makes you feel like a million bucks. writing each other letters, that's the best. i love writing. i know girls aren't perfect. i mean no one is. but anyway. boys handle our changing of decisions, cravings of food, wanting to go somewhere then changing your mind and just want to stay at home and watch a movie, controlling the radio in the car. i feel bad sometimes, but then i think about being treated like his princess. shouldn't all girls be treated that way? i know i am. thank you daddy. i want a boy to take my hand and somehow i feel as though i'm floating on a cloud. i want to watch a movie and think, thank god for my man. i want him to know me better than i know myself. i want a guy like my daddy, who knows how to fix everything. who cooks meals to where i don't even want to go out to eat anymore. who can make the tears go away. who know my hearts desires. loves my messy room. can take me at my worst. my prince charming.

typewriter, vintage, photography. Pictures, Images and Photos

i know that this is probably not what i normally write about, or what should even be coming out of my mouth. considering i have tyler. but hey. no ones perfect. & trust me- of all people me and tyler aren't perfect.

i miss all the old days. like when i'd look at him and blush. when we were awkward and never knew if it was okay to hug or not. or knew what each other was thinking. i miss when we didn't even know each other's favorite color.

when we started getting to know each other, we got involved in both families. we started getting into deeper conversation. and we knew what each other was thinking. we always did the same thing. every single day. it became a routine. it became less fun to see him and more fun to be alone. and i always had this feeling the pit of my stomach thinking, "well if i don't hang out with him, he'll leave me." i never wanted to disapoint. being the people pleaser that i am, i always hung out with him. i became more and more bored of our time together. i could tell you what we were doing every single day after school. it was stupid. i hated it. my life was so predictable. i'm tired of it. and yes, i post alllll the time how much i like him and how he's amazing. but it's on rare occasion that i feel this. shouldn't it be all the time? i don't know what to do. i've prayed and prayed. and i've talked to tyler about this. but you know, you can't pick night time to talk about this stuff. because talk is so cheap at night. has anyone else realized that? because you wake up the next day and you're like did i really say that? did i really mean it?

i want someone to make a promise to me that they will actually keep. i want someone to make me feel like a princess, everyday. i don't want to give up. i feel like i'm chasing something i'll never catch. the prize i'll never get. i want to make this work. i want to fix this, but i'm tired of being the only one pulling the weight. i don't know what else to say or do. i can't keep begging for things to change. i can't keep holding on to something that won't pull through. i can't keep getting my hopes up. i'm so emotionally tired it's starting to take it's toll. i can't even read books without starting to think about this. normally when i read i'm so into the book i don't even know what's going on outside of it. it's ridiculous. i need advice. i need a hug. i want to make things right.

but i can't let go.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

goodness sakes.

my poor penpal miley probably thinks i fell off the face of the earth.
i've been a busy one.

i got home on tuesday from branson with my bestfriend! we went to silver dollar city & white water. it was a blast. i got two awesome bruises to prove it. our room looked like 5 people lived in it. clothes everywhere, cords in the wall, etc. it was fun.

i got back to a happy family & impatient boyfriend! it was a great trip, and now we're even closer than when we left!

i got my rylee on thursday, and bout 3 hours ago she left! it was a great three days with my baby girl. she'll be back monday :)

my boyfriend leaves tomorrow for a trip i REALLY wish i was going on. he's going to my favorite place on earth, which i probably won't go to anymore now that my papa is gone. i will miss those summers with him. i know i already do. anyway. he's going to disney. i'm so jealous. i'm gonna miss him.

on monday i plan to bike, bike, bike with ingham. my history teacher who loves his life so much he shares it with us on bikes. i can't wait. this will be my third or fourth time. but first without my biking partner. tyler always goes with me, but i think i can do it alone!

man this has been a post about tyler. sorry guys, didn't mean to get all gushy on you.

have you ever tried a sour patch kid twisted together with a swedish fish? TRY IT.

so i'm watching my favorite show. law and order: special victims unit. BEST. SHOW. EVER. you should watch it sometime.

i lost my rings. including the one tyler got me. and i'm sick about it. when i went to silver dollar city i got two new rings, but they just aren't the same. one ring was a true love waits, which is the one ty got. and the other was my brother's baptism ring. i really want them back. i left them in rylee's beach bag and only jesus knows where they are now.

i wonder who made up the name 'love handles'. who would honestly think of that? i really don't know. i learned i can't hang a picture straight to save my life. i've had a picture on the wall for about a week and it's been lop sided, i don't feel like fixing it, because it's my art work. i should be able to hang it however i want. right?

i got my automatic start on my car. i just click the lock button three times & it starts! I LOVE IT. especially in this heat. i cleaned my car today, then i realized i have a free car wash. i was upset. i'll use it tomorrow since it's supposed to rain later. atleast i think it is.

i want to build a sand castle. i also want the juno soundtrack. maybe i should just make a want list when i get a job for my first paycheck. which i'm sure will go all to my parents anyway. but still. a girl can dream. i plan to work at quik trip. yay.

don't you love it when someone invites you somewhere, and your phone never gets the call or text until it's too late. well that just happened. and i'm kind of upset.

i think that's all i'll say. have a good week.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I just want to refresh about my life a little bit for my new followers.

I'm Jenna and I'm my daddy's princess. I love to take pictures. I am an athletic trainer and i absolutely love it. Those boys are like my children. Or so it feels like when they play. I plan to be a physical therapist for special needs children. I love to read. I review books with my mommy. She reads and blogs more than she blinks. She's my best friend. I have a brother and a sister. And a beautiful niece. My room is blue. And i love it. I drive a pretty little silver jeep. I love long car rides. I'll be a senior this year. Yes mom, this year I'll be 18. I'm attatched to my best friends hip. If my mom can't find me I'm probably in my room coloring. There's tons of things i haven't listed. But I'm on an iPad. So this typing thing isn't very enjoyable!

I'm on my way to Missouri to see my best friend who moved away awhile ago. And I'm really excited. So I may not blog for the rest of the week! I'm sure I'll have tons to share when I come back!

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

wiggle worm

i have been one of those lately.

so i've been staying up until five in the morning almost every night. and it's starting to bug me. because then i sleep all day. sometimes that's okay. but then those days where you wake up to like 10 texts and 40 missed calls for you to go do something and you're still asleep, sucks. but today i got up after going to bed at 3. i went to the midnight opening of the A-Team. let's just say. i'll be buying it. ANYWAY. i went to a car show today. it was actually pretty cool. yep.

so basically i've had about 4 things on my mind today.
1.jesus (always)

2.the swedish fish up in my room, which i was unable to eat today on the account i haven't been home in three days. hair. (i cut it off. again.)


starting with number one. i love you jesus. he's given me some amazing things these last couple of weeks. strength to move past obstacles that i have taken upon myself. sometimes people say things they don't mean. or say something i shouldn't take so personally. sometimes i just want to hit them and be like "THANKS!" but i know i'm guilty of this so, obviously i don't hit them. so i'm still learning not to take things personally, but it's gonna take time. so bear with me.

number two. i'm enjoying those swedish fish right now. mmm.

number three, my hair is about to my chin. i L0V3 it. i wanted my long hair back, but man. i'm really impatient.

number four. i'm not sure what to do for money. and i'm really in need of suggestions. IF i make enough money for trips i will be gone most of the month of july, causing me to not be able to get a job in an established business. make sense? how awesome would that sounds? "hey, i want a job. but in the second month i work can i have it off?" stupid. i've tried babysitting, but no one i know is young enough for me to watch anymore. i've tried to mow neighbors lawns, but they also DON'T want to pay. + there is an amazing man in our neighborhood who will do it for free. therefore taking all my game. POOP. i've tried working for my dad, but with the new job comes new responsibilities, making it impossible for me to work there. i've taken pictures. i've done tons of things. I NEED IDEAS. help?

have you ever been so excited to read a book that you actually take a day out of your schedule just to read it, cus you're so scared that if you open it you won't close it? well that's my issue. but as far as the weekend and next week, there's no openings in my schedule. YAY.

i haven't taken the act. at all. greeeaat.

random facts:
i love juno. i wish i had a brick wall in my room. i always have my mommy. i'm not sure that i'm ready to grow up. my most prized possession is my papa's hat. my favorite car is a '69 mustang (baby blue, please). if i was given alot of flowers, i wouldn't like that, just give me one. i don't know how to tie a tie. i've broken every single pair of headphones i've owned by blowing them out. i want my hair a different color everyday. i wish i was patient. and i won't stop stop putting a puzzle together until i'm finished, no matter how many pieces.

i think that's all i'll write for now.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

the monkey on your back is the latest trend.

i like picnics. i also enjoy the zoo. which i went to recently.
tyler, the cheese to my macaroni, took me to the zoo.
& to tell you the truth, it was one of the best days; ever. he made us sandwiches and fruit. the boy
brought me all my favorite drinks because he didn't know which
i would be in the mood for. perfect? maybe. anyway. we watched
the monkeys play dodgeball & the birds in the rainforest poop on
nearby children. it was good. tyler is just the best thing.

i started reviewing books with my mom, if you want to check out
our reviews you can go here:
they're pretty good.

summer so far has been what i pictured the summer before my senior year
would be like. lots of time with friends & family & planning for trips.
i'm making new friends, and i really love it. new people are fun.
i went shopping with my mom because she's losing weight. (yay!)
and i got 4 dresses along with a pair of some very 90's shorts.
i <3 them.

me and my family went to the drive in a couple of days ago. i love that
place. although, i'm kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to old buildings,
or in this case a giant screen. i made my dad park far enough away so that
if it were to fall, we'd be safe. before the movie, there was a group of people
playing michael jackson and had all their little kids dancing to it. i loved it.
we saw shrek forever after, or something. it was good.

i also went biking with one of my former teachers, who loves his life so much he
decides to share it with a bajillion of his former students. he takes about 12 or so
at a time & we bike FOREVER. but it's really fun & a great workout. but of course, the first night i ever go, i fly over my handle bars and scrape myself up pretty good. my tire hit the kid in front of me and i swerved and flew. i'm pretty sure i've never seen tyler move that fast. he got me up and dusted me off & pushed my bike around 2 miles to braums where everyone was waiting for us. he went to quiktrip and got bandaides and neosporin. when we got back he drove us home & made me eggs.
today he surprised me with lunch & of course his presence. we spent the day taking
pictures & blowing stuff up. after kicking his butt at basketball.

my brother has hair under his arms.
he's 13.
and he's going into 7th grade.
oh no.

i've also decided what i'm going to be when i grow up. which is coming up. soon.
i'm going to be a physical therapist for special needs kids. YAY! i've decided on
going to college close to home. mom is ecstatic. of course.

speaking of my mom, we got our noses pierced together, because we're just that cool.
i also got my industrial pierced. but i'm like the worst person when it comes to pain
and i can't handle it. so i took it out. BUT i had a good reason to. it was all swollen and gross & i haven't slept in two nights because of it. i waited two weeks to take it out, so really i'm a trooper. just not the best. hmph.

rylee(my precious niece) is getting so big. she knows everyones name. but i'm pretty sure her favorite is tyler's. all she says is ty ty ty ty ty! she shows off for him. it's great. she loves her noni though. we took her to the pool the other day before she went on vacation to florida. SHE LOVED IT. being an aunt is probably the best thing because you get to see the kid alot, BUT you don't have to do the long nights & poopy diaper thing. BONUS.

it's really hot in my room, but the fan switch is so far away. summer makes me lazy.
on the subject of my fan: i turn it on every night in room during the summer. almost all my pictures on my picture wall fell down. if i had been able to use push pins instead of sticky tak, i'm pretty sure they would have stayed up. cough, mom, cough.

i don't think my hair has seen a hair dryer or straightner since january. i like it.

i went into kum n go without shoes today. and i felt really rebellious for some reason. i also put on new chapstick. well not really new, i got it for christmas just never opened it. and it doesn't taste good. shouldn't chapstick taste good? yes.

i want a penpal. & i need to earn some money. but not sure how.

i can't sleep with my feet hanging off the bed. it freaks me out a little bit. i don't like peaches either.

wow, i've written a novel. that's all.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010


does anyone really know the meaning of a bestfriend?
is there really such a thing as a 'bestfriend'?
or are your friends really just friends.
should we label them? or should we just favor them and keep it to ourselves?
i'm not really sure.

all i know, is i know who the ones i 'favor'.
i miss the summers spent in a bathing suit all day and spending the night in a tent in my back yard. i miss the nights where we thought sneaking 20 cookies to our room was rebellious. i really miss the group of girls that was always so close, and always had the time of our lives, and never thought what tomorrow would hold, but thought of the next best hiding spot for the next round of hide and seek, or the best way to draw a mustache on the first girl to fall asleep without waking them. the best nights were spent with those girls, and though we've all separated and gone our new routes we are all connected at heart. we can all come back together and it seems as though we've never parted. and that's what is so great. i love and miss you girls. and i hope we have a get together soon.

so i have been thinking of selling my cute little jeep, but unsure as to what to get to replace it. i just want something more gas efficient. but we'll see.

i deeply cleaned my room this weekend and i'm in love with the clean room. now i can have friends over :)

i hope tomorrow goes well. i'm interviewing to be an athletic trainer again. just like last year, but it still makes me nervous. i'm not sure why.

there's just something about you. it gets me everytime.

don't you think it's weird how you can argue for hours with someone you love then five minutes after the argument be laughing about it? i love that.

that's all.

Thursday, 1 April 2010


there has been so many things on my mind lately, and it seems to hit me in the face when i least expect it.

a little update on my life:
i have been keeping my grades up :) which excites me SO much.
tyler & i have been dating for one year and almost a month now.
for our one year he made me dinner (candlelight!), took me out, went to the park,
and then asked me to prom on a cupcake. it was probably the best ever.
i have also gone up on my books i promised i would read before the year is out, i'm up to seven. my mom is shredding through books though, you should check out her new blog for book reviews!:
it's sure to give you some good books! i know i've picked up some good ones from her.
i love my mommy.

anyway a few thoughts i'd like to share as well:
my brother jantzen is growing up. he's 13, in sixth grade, DATING A GIRL, (i'm pretty sure i didn't even like boys in 6th grade, they had cooties until about 8th. all i loved was my shin guards and soccer ball.) AND he's learning the meaning of discipline and learning what growing up means. he's the sweetest kid you'll ever meet, but there's always that barrier you'll blow down from child to teenager, and i believe we all hit it at some point and then slowly come back to who we really are.

dang you teenage years! poop.

another thing, i want to thank my parents for the sit-down talks we had about my behavior, the interest they had in my life, and they way they just wanted to see how i was doing mentally, physically, and spiritually. although we may not think it, parents really do have the best interest at heart. all they wanna do is make your life right in the ways theirs went wrong. i can remember many, many nights of sitting on that leather couch looking up at my mom going on about my attitude and my behavior thinking in my head when will this be over, i know what i did wrong, blah blah, blah THIS WOMAN! but now looking back, i'm so glad she talked to me. i've learned so much and she'll tell you the same. we've taught each other so much and i'm sure we'll all learn even more in the days to come. turning 18 this year is going to be scary, this time next year i'll be graduating with the class of 2011. and kissing my parents goodbye and shaking hands with college. it's gone by so fast. life is def not what it looked like in movies when i was a kid. highschool isn't as easy as it seems, and problems can't be solved in 30 minutes like it is on tv. but there is a way to make it out alive, but it's going to be tough. but the reason i'm going to make it is because of the support and love from my parents. they are the ones that are going to be there in 10 years no the kid in my math class, not the kid who sat with me at lunch, not the girl i wish would quit talking, or the guy i wish i could talk to. my parents are always there. for life. it's an on going friendship that will continue forever. and i hope that one day, i can come to them as a parent and ask them for help with my kids. they truly are the best, and i thank you both. i love you.

i got sick a couple of weeks ago thanks to little brother! but all is well now, and they throw up is out of our house. woo.

the temperature lately has been stupendous. i'm lovin' the 80's and 70 degree weather.

is there a way to successfully sneeze and keep your eyes open? i've tried like three times today and epically failed. if anyone knows how, lemme know!

well now that i've pretty much rambled your eyes off, i think i shall finish up my homework, maybe skype a little and then off to bed! thank you for reading...if you are.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

a shot gun wedding

to a bride with a paper ring.

SO. i went to john mayer yesterday, (tuesday, march 9!) and saw the love of my life and listened to him sing to me.
pictures will be posted at some point.

although they didn't let me take in my nikon, i did manage to sneak in my little cool pix camera :). bad quality, but hey. you take what you can get.

that's all for now!