Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sunday, 2 May 2010


does anyone really know the meaning of a bestfriend?
is there really such a thing as a 'bestfriend'?
or are your friends really just friends.
should we label them? or should we just favor them and keep it to ourselves?
i'm not really sure.

all i know, is i know who the ones i 'favor'.
i miss the summers spent in a bathing suit all day and spending the night in a tent in my back yard. i miss the nights where we thought sneaking 20 cookies to our room was rebellious. i really miss the group of girls that was always so close, and always had the time of our lives, and never thought what tomorrow would hold, but thought of the next best hiding spot for the next round of hide and seek, or the best way to draw a mustache on the first girl to fall asleep without waking them. the best nights were spent with those girls, and though we've all separated and gone our new routes we are all connected at heart. we can all come back together and it seems as though we've never parted. and that's what is so great. i love and miss you girls. and i hope we have a get together soon.

so i have been thinking of selling my cute little jeep, but unsure as to what to get to replace it. i just want something more gas efficient. but we'll see.

i deeply cleaned my room this weekend and i'm in love with the clean room. now i can have friends over :)

i hope tomorrow goes well. i'm interviewing to be an athletic trainer again. just like last year, but it still makes me nervous. i'm not sure why.

there's just something about you. it gets me everytime.

don't you think it's weird how you can argue for hours with someone you love then five minutes after the argument be laughing about it? i love that.

that's all.