Thursday, 30 December 2010


obviously i didn't do that photo thing.
but december didn't turn out to be the month i expected. whatever.

i'd like to share my feelings though.

it's weird how one event can make you into such a baby.
i never cry. ever. atleast i don't in front of other
human beings. ask anyone who knows me. they probably
haven't seen me cry. which is stupid, right? well.
ever since my papa died everything anything remotely
emotional has made me cry. and i don't know. i'm glad to
know i do have some tear ducts finally working in public.
but at the same time i feel weak. and i think i'm the only
one. but that's okay with me. i think.

i have a project in mind. but i'm not sure how it's all going
to plan out. i need to tell someone about it. but i haven't
thought of the right person yet. there is plenty of people that
i will ask to be involved, but the person i share the idea with
and that becomes the person that helps me the most with it i haven't
quite figure out. i need a pen and paper.

i don't really care what anyone ever thinks. and sometimes that's not the point.
sometimes the point is, being different is okay. being different. not caring what
people think is good, but it's also not the mind set you should have. at least in
my opinion. but that's really been on my mind lately.

december has been one heck of a month. and mainly on the down side. not like everyday
sucked, but that there was a few major things that made me think, "in april when i look back i'll only remember these things."

i'm ready for january, february, march, april, may, june, july, august, september, october, november, december. and a year from now look back and not regret one thing, and that's my new years resolution.
bring on 2011.