Sunday, 24 July 2011

well, i'm a sucky blogger/emailer/facebooker.

since i've last blogged (june 23) i've done a lot!
i'd say it's been one of the best summers so far.

so, it's been hot. really hot. but that's okay. means i can get a nice tan.
which i have done! i've spent a lot of time with my girls & my man. which has been super nice.
considering i leave in less than a month.

on july 1st me and tyler & tyler's family left for the beach for ten days! we went to topsail island & had a BLAST.
the second the car was unloaded we put on swim suits and ran to the water.
the first real day was all on the beach, then every other day we would go into town
and get a malt & shop or whatever else we could find to do. i got to spend an entire week with him
and his great family & i had a blast. there are so many stories i could tell, but i won't bore you.

when i got back, i had about 5 days then my mom, nanny, and i left for dallas!
we weren't even out of tulsa when we got lost. of course.
but we had a blast. we shopped until we dropped, literally.
we went to a cute little small town, watched USA soccer, met some cowboys in an elevator,
and as quick as we got there we left. i love trips with them. and will soon be making another!
only a little bit farther of a drive.

my last day of work is august 5! kind of sad, cus i won't have any money. but it's okay.

i bought all of my dorm stuff in dallas at ikea! it was awesome. i'm so excited.

now until i leave for school is see everyone before they leave & see as much of my sister
and her cute little family until then.

rylee came over yesterday & stayed the night the night before. she's the greatest. and so is little bentley.
she loves her ty. always making sure he's watching her & talking to her. it's hilarious. i love it.

enough babbling i guess.