Thursday, 15 March 2012

slightly annoyed

i think if you only think about yourself you should live in your own bubble.
where there's no one around you, you go home, you work in your own cubicle, you eat alone, you take care of yourself. what i'm trying to say is, stay away from me.

i'm done being treated the way i have been lately.
it's annoying.

i deserve a lot more than what people around me are giving me. i do everything for my friends, not in expectation for anything in return. but after a few years of getting nothing, i'm getting irritated.

DONE. later bro.

i'm a princess and i'll be treated like one. friends, boyfriend, anyone.
i owe my parents everything, and i end up treating them like poop. of everyone
i'm around, they are always there, they always treat me with respect, they always have
my best interest.

dang it.