Wednesday, 9 February 2011

i was

i met someone. well, not really met them, but got to know them.
this snow has brought us to the things that keep us together when cars, school, or social gatherings can't. and that's texting, blogging, facebook, 4AM calls, and just talking to each other.

i met this person the year, but it's only been a mutual thing. like the occasional facebook comment, or hi when we see each other. but obviously we are all stuck. and one night this person and i began to chat. and i found out this person isn't at all what they seem. i'll admit, i made a judgment. and this book is not at all like it's cover. this person is a great, inspiring kid. and from what i judged, was very shy. but. everybody has a story. and trust me they did. i'm so glad i met you. you are such a great kid, and most of all shown me that not everyone is what they seem. and not everyone is the person you create in your head. because they're not. isn't it awesome that no one has the same finger prints? that not everyone is the same. that we're all different. that we all have different personalities. that we can all shine in a different way. we're all different.

which makes me think about this.....

there is something about people that just fascinates me. we all have masks. we all have that something that we hide. somehow we all manage to do it. even i do. and this is something so stupid that comes with growing up. do you remember when you were like 5 and nothing was ever a problem and nothing broke you and nothing got in your way, except wanting to grow up. growing up is not my favorite thing. i don't want to be the person with a mask. and i never want people to find out i have one. and i decided i'd take mine off. i don't want to look back at my life and say, what was i thinking, or why in the world would i pretend? and i hope that someday everyone at owasso highschool figures that out. everyone is different. just because they don't wear uggs, or have a north face, or they don't wear make up, or their hair isn't straight, doesn't mean they are weird, or not worth your time, or don't have anything in common with you. they are unique in their own way. just like you. just like me. or justin bieber. everyone is gonna go somewhere. whether it's a CEO, an artist, a mountain biker, or a teacher. we're all going somewhere. just different roads and different destinations.

long live all the magic we made, bring on all the pretenders i'm not afraid.
long live the walls that crashed through, all the kindom lights shine just for me and you.
i love you taylor swift.

bye people.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


i feel so weird today.

i looked at old furniture and stuff. i wish i was rich so i could buy it all. or atleast make it.

we've been out of school for a week, because of snow. so maybe that's why i've been so weird.
i went sledding. and i plan on growing out my hair. for like the fourth time.
i need patience.

me and a friend are going to chicago soon. i can't wait.

that's all i guess.