Wednesday, 30 March 2011


i went to OSU this weekend.


i'm going to RUSH. i know. it sounds like "what a preppy move". but it's really not. my best friend halie told me i should, and i was totally against it for a LONG time. so i went to greek discovery day, and i couldn't have been more wrong. those girls were amazing. they were so nice and helpful and fun and crazy. and i want to join them! i cannot wait.

me and halie got our dorm assignment last week as well.
top. floor. not many of you know, but i'm T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D of heights.
so this will obviously be something i'll have to get used to and god will pull me through!

i was supposed to get my dress altered today.....but due to an emergency chiropractor visit, i was unable to do so. my dress is about 3 or 4 inches too long. but that's easily i'm told. back is a little curvy. so i'm going to do some rehab and some stretches and some back poppin' for a little while.

i'm doing really well with my grades. which is surprising since i'm a senior accepted to collge. very rare you find that at owasso high school. but i'm one of the rare people i guess :)

so this morning was awful.
it was slightly drizzling. i woke up, LATE. and while driving to school cramming down breakfast (people: don't drive and eat, it's stupid and you'll soon find out why..) and i spilled my food on me, then while trying to clean up i spilled my drink on me. while also thinking about the detention i'll be getting because i'll be late.

so i turn around, change clothes get to school explain my lateness and the receptionist is SO kind and says i can go free. THANK YOU GOD! it was a turn around for the day. besides the AWFUL back pain i was experiencing. you guys should have seen the x-rays. it was weird.

my job is going good. i love the people i work with, and the schedule is pretty flexible. although i've already had to ask someone to cover for me....bad i know. it was for a good cause though. i was going to OSU.

tyler is doing good as well i believe. besides the college decision. he can't seem to make up his mind on what he wants to do. but it's okay. he's a typical 18 year old, and this is totally normal. i thought i had my future set and this time last year and now i'm set for an actual college and RUSHING. so i' don't blame him for not knowing what he wants to do. god has his timing in everything and has a plan for ty.

i love my mom and dad. they're just the coolest..except they are yelling at me to come finish a show! so i should depart and just leave you with that little update.


Sunday, 13 March 2011


so it's raining, cold, and gross outside.

BUT. i got a dress. for prom.
and this year...i'm excited.
not that i wasn't last year. but this year is the one i'll ultimatley remember.
i haven't been asked yet, but i will be. he's working on it.

2 days ago, i went on a date. with my bestfriend.
he took me to dinner, and a funny movie. and i had a really good time.
he's like the best thing. ever.

where are your guts to fly?

anyway. life couldn't get any better as of last week.
i got a job. FINALLY. i got accepted to my number one college. FINALLY.
i had a 2 year anniversary with my bestfriend. YAY. and i also spent
time with my rylee girl. THAT IS A GOOD WEEK GUYS.

i have yet to respond to miley. and she probably hates me, poop.
BUT i hope she reads this and knows i'm still alive.
i just feel as though the best way to respond to the last email i sent is on my blog.

i've never been excited to go to school. nor will i ever be excited to wake up. BUT.
knowing i have a job and college coming up, i will get up happy and smiling.

bring on graduation and my first day of work.

which is tomorrow. i can't wait.

thank you god for everything you've put in my life. especially the timing in everything.

thank god for tyler, and my parents. and also that little booger that lives down the hall that sometimes i claim as my little brother. i love him.

bye people.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

i think

do people watch fairy tales anymore?
i think you should.

especially you boys.

thanks guys.