Tuesday, 15 June 2010

I just want to refresh about my life a little bit for my new followers.

I'm Jenna and I'm my daddy's princess. I love to take pictures. I am an athletic trainer and i absolutely love it. Those boys are like my children. Or so it feels like when they play. I plan to be a physical therapist for special needs children. I love to read. I review books with my mommy. She reads and blogs more than she blinks. She's my best friend. I have a brother and a sister. And a beautiful niece. My room is blue. And i love it. I drive a pretty little silver jeep. I love long car rides. I'll be a senior this year. Yes mom, this year I'll be 18. I'm attatched to my best friends hip. If my mom can't find me I'm probably in my room coloring. There's tons of things i haven't listed. But I'm on an iPad. So this typing thing isn't very enjoyable!

I'm on my way to Missouri to see my best friend who moved away awhile ago. And I'm really excited. So I may not blog for the rest of the week! I'm sure I'll have tons to share when I come back!

Thanks for reading :)

Friday, 11 June 2010

wiggle worm

i have been one of those lately.

so i've been staying up until five in the morning almost every night. and it's starting to bug me. because then i sleep all day. sometimes that's okay. but then those days where you wake up to like 10 texts and 40 missed calls for you to go do something and you're still asleep, sucks. but today i got up after going to bed at 3. i went to the midnight opening of the A-Team. let's just say. i'll be buying it. ANYWAY. i went to a car show today. it was actually pretty cool. yep.

so basically i've had about 4 things on my mind today.
1.jesus (always)

2.the swedish fish up in my room, which i was unable to eat today on the account i haven't been home in three days.

3.my hair. (i cut it off. again.)


starting with number one. i love you jesus. he's given me some amazing things these last couple of weeks. strength to move past obstacles that i have taken upon myself. sometimes people say things they don't mean. or say something i shouldn't take so personally. sometimes i just want to hit them and be like "THANKS!" but i know i'm guilty of this so, obviously i don't hit them. so i'm still learning not to take things personally, but it's gonna take time. so bear with me.

number two. i'm enjoying those swedish fish right now. mmm.

number three, my hair is about to my chin. i L0V3 it. i wanted my long hair back, but man. i'm really impatient.

number four. i'm not sure what to do for money. and i'm really in need of suggestions. IF i make enough money for trips i will be gone most of the month of july, causing me to not be able to get a job in an established business. make sense? how awesome would that sounds? "hey, i want a job. but in the second month i work can i have it off?" stupid. i've tried babysitting, but no one i know is young enough for me to watch anymore. i've tried to mow neighbors lawns, but they also DON'T want to pay. + there is an amazing man in our neighborhood who will do it for free. therefore taking all my game. POOP. i've tried working for my dad, but with the new job comes new responsibilities, making it impossible for me to work there. i've taken pictures. i've done tons of things. I NEED IDEAS. help?

have you ever been so excited to read a book that you actually take a day out of your schedule just to read it, cus you're so scared that if you open it you won't close it? well that's my issue. but as far as the weekend and next week, there's no openings in my schedule. YAY.

i haven't taken the act. at all. greeeaat.

random facts:
i love juno. i wish i had a brick wall in my room. i always have my mommy. i'm not sure that i'm ready to grow up. my most prized possession is my papa's hat. my favorite car is a '69 mustang (baby blue, please). if i was given alot of flowers, i wouldn't like that, just give me one. i don't know how to tie a tie. i've broken every single pair of headphones i've owned by blowing them out. i want my hair a different color everyday. i wish i was patient. and i won't stop stop putting a puzzle together until i'm finished, no matter how many pieces.

i think that's all i'll write for now.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

the monkey on your back is the latest trend.

i like picnics. i also enjoy the zoo. which i went to recently.
tyler, the cheese to my macaroni, took me to the zoo.
& to tell you the truth, it was one of the best days; ever. he made us sandwiches and fruit. the boy
brought me all my favorite drinks because he didn't know which
i would be in the mood for. perfect? maybe. anyway. we watched
the monkeys play dodgeball & the birds in the rainforest poop on
nearby children. it was good. tyler is just the best thing.

i started reviewing books with my mom, if you want to check out
our reviews you can go here: http://heartofabookworm.blogspot.com/
they're pretty good.

summer so far has been what i pictured the summer before my senior year
would be like. lots of time with friends & family & planning for trips.
i'm making new friends, and i really love it. new people are fun.
i went shopping with my mom because she's losing weight. (yay!)
and i got 4 dresses along with a pair of some very 90's shorts.
i <3 them.

me and my family went to the drive in a couple of days ago. i love that
place. although, i'm kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to old buildings,
or in this case a giant screen. i made my dad park far enough away so that
if it were to fall, we'd be safe. before the movie, there was a group of people
playing michael jackson and had all their little kids dancing to it. i loved it.
we saw shrek forever after, or something. it was good.

i also went biking with one of my former teachers, who loves his life so much he
decides to share it with a bajillion of his former students. he takes about 12 or so
at a time & we bike FOREVER. but it's really fun & a great workout. but of course, the first night i ever go, i fly over my handle bars and scrape myself up pretty good. my tire hit the kid in front of me and i swerved and flew. i'm pretty sure i've never seen tyler move that fast. he got me up and dusted me off & pushed my bike around 2 miles to braums where everyone was waiting for us. he went to quiktrip and got bandaides and neosporin. when we got back he drove us home & made me eggs.
today he surprised me with lunch & of course his presence. we spent the day taking
pictures & blowing stuff up. after kicking his butt at basketball.

my brother has hair under his arms.
he's 13.
and he's going into 7th grade.
oh no.

i've also decided what i'm going to be when i grow up. which is coming up. soon.
i'm going to be a physical therapist for special needs kids. YAY! i've decided on
going to college close to home. mom is ecstatic. of course.

speaking of my mom, we got our noses pierced together, because we're just that cool.
i also got my industrial pierced. but i'm like the worst person when it comes to pain
and i can't handle it. so i took it out. BUT i had a good reason to. it was all swollen and gross & i haven't slept in two nights because of it. i waited two weeks to take it out, so really i'm a trooper. just not the best. hmph.

rylee(my precious niece) is getting so big. she knows everyones name. but i'm pretty sure her favorite is tyler's. all she says is ty ty ty ty ty! she shows off for him. it's great. she loves her noni though. we took her to the pool the other day before she went on vacation to florida. SHE LOVED IT. being an aunt is probably the best thing because you get to see the kid alot, BUT you don't have to do the long nights & poopy diaper thing. BONUS.

it's really hot in my room, but the fan switch is so far away. summer makes me lazy.
on the subject of my fan: i turn it on every night in room during the summer. almost all my pictures on my picture wall fell down. if i had been able to use push pins instead of sticky tak, i'm pretty sure they would have stayed up. cough, mom, cough.

i don't think my hair has seen a hair dryer or straightner since january. i like it.

i went into kum n go without shoes today. and i felt really rebellious for some reason. i also put on new chapstick. well not really new, i got it for christmas just never opened it. and it doesn't taste good. shouldn't chapstick taste good? yes.

i want a penpal. & i need to earn some money. but not sure how.

i can't sleep with my feet hanging off the bed. it freaks me out a little bit. i don't like peaches either.

wow, i've written a novel. that's all.